Filtro lecho profundo

Pebbles Granite for deep bed filters - a natural and effective solution for the treatment of atmospheric air

Canto rodado Granito para Filtros de lecho profundo - Una Solución Natural y Eficaz para el Tratamiento del Aire atmosferico

In Velestone, we are committed to the beauty and functionality of our stone products. We know that our customers value the versatility and multiple applications of our decorative stones, and we are here to talk about one of those impressive applications: the use of granite shot 60-100 mm in the deep bed filters for the cleaning of the air cleaning .

The deep bed filters, also known as stone bed filters, are essential filtration systems used in the air purification industry, especially in atmospheric air treatment plants. They are vital to eliminate dust particles and other air pollutants, thus improving the quality of the air we breathe.

How does it work? In its simplest form, these systems filter the air forcing it through a bed of stones. Our 60-100 mm granite shot is especially effective for this purpose due to its size and shape. The rounded edges provide a large surface for the capture of particles, while the spaces between the stones allow the passage of air.

The granite, known for its hardness and resistance to chemicals and heat, is an ideal material for these filters. Its durability ensures that the filters are not only effective, but also durable, which is essential in industrial applications where resistance to severe conditions is a necessity.

In addition to its efficacy and durability, granite shot has a naturally attractive aesthetic. With its wide variety of tones and colors, these bound songs can be an attractive addition to any air filtration system, adding a touch of natural beauty to the industrial environment.

Here in Velestone, we offer a range of song shot of high quality granite, carefully selected to meet the needs of the air purification industry. Not only do we provide the stone, but also knowledge and support to help our customers select the appropriate product for their specific application.

Buying in Velestone means investing in an effective, lasting and aesthetically pleasant air filtration solution. Our commitment to customer quality and satisfaction makes us the choice supplier for granite shot songs for deep bed filters. Explore our product range today and discover how we can help you improve air quality with our decorative stone solutions.

Remember, in Velestone, we believe in functional beauty. Allow our stone products to work for you, cleaning the air and creating a safer and healthier atmosphere.

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