Basalt gravel

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Dark gray basalt gravel

Dark gray in color cannot be said to be black, dry it is gray, when wet it is more like a black color and highlights its small touches of brightness.

High hardness gravel, for life.

Product of great hardness and durability, which is why it is used in entrance areas, including areas where cars pass, basalt is one of the hardest gravels.

Perfect for filling geocell type gravel stabilizers, hardness and "suffered" color that will remain intact throughout life.

Basalt gravel for aquariums

It is a perfect stone to use in aquariums since it does not give off anything and in the aquarium, wet, it looks spectacular.

Basalt gravel washed out

Our basalt gravel is always washed to remove its sticky dust and it looks perfect right out of the box.

Size: 3-6 mm.
Container: Big bag 1.000 kg