Premium White Gravel

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If you are bored with your garden and would like to enjoy it more, transform it and give it a more special touch, you can do it yourself and for less money than you think. White marble gravel provides light and a touch of elegance, unlike with plants or grass, once placed you no longer have to work on it or spend on its maintenance.

By placing an anti-weed mesh and white stone you can forget about watering and/or mowing the grass, it is a completely natural material that shines by itself.

Little porous gravel

It is a stone with medium-low porosity so dirt does not easily encrust itself. It is recommended to use the exact and necessary layer to cover the floor to avoid the accumulation of water and possible verdigris.

Gravel for stabilizers

To fill stabilizers with honeycomb-type gravels, it is perfect in size 8-12 mm. It is a very hard stone with perfect wear resistance for continuous transit.

Size: 8-12 mm.
Container: Big bag 1.000 kg