Green flexible bordura

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Environmentally friendly

Innovative product of very easy application, manufactured with high quality PP/PE plastic plastic (heavy metal free) in the recycling process.The material guarantees aHigh quality and durability of products . 


At an attractive price

This edge complements or even constitutes an excellent and easy alternative to install rigid curbs. The optimal solution for professionals and garden lovers.


Fast and simple installation

It is characterized by a wide range of applications.The one meter sections with divisions allow to quickly shape the projects in straight lines and in arches and circles.

The profile also allows freely installing a drip line or other conductors, for example, electric, along the borduras.

For correct clamping each bordura has 5 anchor points.


  • 4.5 cm high
  • 100 cm long
  • 8 cm background
  • The wall has a 6 mm thickness.

Black color

Weight of 390 gr./Unity

Palette: 872 units + 2,650 piquetas