Pebble White Flat

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Flat white stone for garden

Are you looking to give a unique and original touch to your garden? We have just what you need! This is our incredible intense white stone, with flat and round shapes that give it a totally different look than any other stone you have seen before.

But that's not all, our product not only stands out for its beauty, but also for its commitment to the environment. These stones are 100% recycled and come from a material that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill polluting the planet. Therefore, by buying our stones, you are not only getting an exclusive product, but also helping to preserve the environment.

In addition, being a limited edition, you can be sure that you will have something completely unique in your garden, something that no one else will have. We only have 5 tons of these stones, so if you want to make sure you have them in your garden, don't think too much about it!

Don't miss the opportunity to have such a special product in your home, our intense pure white pebbles are the perfect complement to any garden or outdoor space. Make your home stand out with this amazing addition to your decor!

Granulometry and packaging of the exclusive pure white flat pebble

This is a hand-crushed stone, so the granulometry is not very tight, 10-50 mm. We have available 100 bags of 20 kg. and 3 big bags of 1,000 kg.

Since it is a recycled product, if it is manufactured more in the future, it will surely not have the same color tone, shape and size.

Container: Saco 20 kg.