Fastening staples for anti-weed mesh and Lawn 50 Un.

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U-shaped fastening clips, made of galvanized steel, very resistant and perfect for placing and joining the anti-grass mesh, the artificial grass or the gravel stabilizer. In addition to helping to hold during installation, they favor final adjustment and prevent displacement.

Galvanized steel does not rust over time, therefore it will not stain the stone. In the case of the flexible gravel stabilizer, once the gravel has been placed, it can be removed and reused without problems.

Characteristics of fastening clips

Quantity: Pack of 50 staples

Dimensions height x width: 16 cm. x 5cm. (3 cm inside). 3 mm steel wire.

Finish: Beveled tips cut at 45º that help installation.

It is a very versatile product with a multitude of uses that will surely occur to you once you have them.

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