Rounded Slate

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Perfect decorative stone for areas with trees and plants as it keeps moisture and protects the soil.

With a pleasant look and feel due to its roundness, the grey/black color fits perfectly in modern gardens and more classic projects.

Due to its rounding when wet, the slate does not lose its color tone, it is a non-porous stone, so it will not generate verdigris and dirt like other more porous stones.

This is a 2021 novelty that arose at the request of our customers for a long time, we are sure that it will surprise your friends and family, it is an original and innovative product.

Recycled product from slate rubble, it is subsequently crushed and classified, then it is artificially rounded, the rounding is done wet so as not to lose color tone and that the rounding is finer.

Available in size 6-12 and 12-40 mm in big bag of 1,000 kg. also in 20 kg bag.

We like the blackboard by:

Grey/black color without veins or rust causes a high contrast with white and light gravel in general, perfect for modern buildings with white facades, it protects the health of the soil in your garden and therefore the plants and trees, not friendly to the touch dirt penetrates it, the stone stays new every time it rains.

Details to take into account:

Due to its loose and flat shape, it is a product that once washed and classified still has a small scale stuck to it. Once it is placed in the garden with a hose of water, the scale disappears forever.

Size: 12-40 mm.
Container: Big bag 1.000 kg.