Ibiza Sunlounger

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The Ibiza loup takes elegance and functionality to a new level, providing a valuable addition to any B2B sales catalog. This luxury article, manufactured in resistant polyethylene, offers a modern and premium appearance, combined with outstanding functionality, making it easily commercialized.

Ideal for outdoor spaces, such as gardens, swimming pools and hotels, Ibiza's loup is protected against UV rays and presents an excellent aging capacity, guaranteeing your customers a long -term profitable investment. Despite its robustness, Ibiza's loup is incredibly light and easy to clean, which facilitates daily maintenance and makes it an attractive product for your customer portfolio.

The elegant and modern design of the Ibiza loup will be a point of attraction in any environment. Its ability to stacked even in groups of 12 allows convenient storage without sacrificing style. This lounge is part of the "Ibiza" range, which includes a sofa, an armchair and a low table, all in white, offering a coherent and sophisticated appearance.


  • Manufactured in resistant polyethylene for long duration.
  • Protected against UV rays and with an excellent aging capacity.
  • Modern and luxurious design.
  • Light, easy to clean and lasting.
  • It can be stacked up to groups of 12 for convenient storage.
  • Height: 37 cm; Width: 20.30 cm.
  • Part of the "Ibiza" range that includes sofa, armchair and low table, all in white.

Recommended use:

Ideal for gardens, swimming pools, hotels and any exterior space that looks for a touch of style and luxury. Ibiza's loup is an essential addition to any high quality outdoor environment, promising excellent profitability for your customers.

Note: Ibiza's loupe is not designed as a floating element. It is crucial that if used in contact with water, the upper part of the lorage should always be supported by a surface without water. Due to the nature of the production process, the dimensions can vary slightly.