Lisa slate slabs

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Natural non -slip board, a classic that does not go out of style, resistant, elegant and maintains its intact appearance throughout life.

Perfect to create paths in your garden, comfortable, practical, maintenance and natural beauty that will not leave anyone indifferent.


How to place slabs in the garden

The placement is very simple, it is enough to make a sand bed of the same size as the slate slabs you choose and settle them well on that bed, the pieces will not move. They can also be placed on mortar but it is not necessary.

The pieces are non -slip so you do not have to worry, they are perfect to make steps and paths, it perfectly endures frost and is a non -porous stone so dirt will not be embedded.

They are very suffered pieces, the dirt is not noticeable and with a water they remain like the first day.


Slate slabs weight

  • 25x50x3 cm. -> 11 kg.
  • 50x50x3 cm.-> 21,5 kg.
  • 80x50x3 cm. -> 34.4 kg.
  • 100x30x3 cm. -> 25.8 kg.
  • 100x50x3 cm. -> 43 kg.

* Non -calibrated slate or thick or dimension. They are approximate dimensions.

Tamaño y envase: 50x50x3 cm. | Palet 72 piezas