Splipboard Split

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Boarding of slate with 2 natural faces and 4 serrated faces, of smooth slate that does not oxidize. Available in 2 sizes, 100x10x3 cm. (10 kg.) And 100x10x6 cm. (20 kg.) It is a high -resistance product and a natural beauty of great character due to its dark gray color. The two sizes are manageable without problem.


Slate pickup

Also called slate picks, it can be used to separate different areas in your garden, delimit roads and trails, and also placed vertically, small decorative fences can be made, creating a really original and spectacular effect.

The name of Piqueta comes because it is a product they used in Bordeaux for the support of grape vineyards.


Advantages of the board in the garden

  • High resistance and durability, it is a very compact natural stone so that water and frost do not affect it.
  • Stable aesthetics, the board will not change over time, keep in mind that the main use of the board is the tiles, in the roofs where for centuries they remain unchanging both in form and in color.
  • Very simple installation. Just place it on the floor or on a sand bed and the board is not going to move.
  • Originality and contrast. Any natural stone is beautiful and shocking in itself, but the blackboard combined with other white stones creates a spectacular effect, due to its intense color and texture.
  • Non -slip by nature. Due to its texture it is a very non -slip pavement, it does not need any type of treatment, you are not going to slip.
  • No mushrooms. It is such a compact, little porous material, that mushrooms, fungi, etc ... do not affect it.
  • No cleaning. Being so little or nothing porous, dirt is not embedded. It can take some dust but with a little water the pieces are going to stay new, like the first day.
Tamaño y envase: 100x10x3 cm. | Palet 120 piezas