Boulder River Dorado Gabions

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River boulders perfect for gabions, the ideal size for the increasingly used decorative gabions.

Unlike other river pebbles that you can find on the market, our stones are very well selected in size, have very few broken units and have an almost polished feel, they are not porous and therefore dirt does not encrust in them something that happens in other river boulders with a more sandstone appearance.

If you have decided to place gabions in your garden, a very important part is obviously the stone with which you are going to fill them, the appearance and above all the granulometry of the stone is important.

Stone measurements for gabions

The most standard gabions have a mesh size of 50x100 cm. Therefore, it is necessary to use rocks, gravel or pebbles larger than 50 mm. so that the stone does not come out. The ideal size should start at 60 mm. up because this way you guarantee that most of the stones you buy are useful.

On the other hand, the more limited the granulometry is, the more beautiful the stone is, for example, a 60-80 mm is more beautiful. than a 60-100 mm.

Our river pebbles for gabions are available in granulometries 60-80, 80-100 and 100-120 mm., 80-100 is widely used when the gabions have a mesh width of 100x100 mm. which can also be found on the market.

For the standard light size 100x50 mm. the most suitable measurements are 80-100 mm. but the 60-80 and 100-120 mm. they work perfectly, maybe it's more a matter of taste than anything else.

Note after the opinions of our clients

When talking about stone 60-80 mm. For example, it means that the stones pass through a square mesh of 80x80 mm. and they do not go through a 60x60 mm. but through that 80x80 mesh a 100 mm stone can pass. long and 65 mm. wide so there may be stones larger than 80 and smaller than 60 mm. since there is a percentage of stones that do not fall through the 60 mm mesh. despite being less than 60 mm.

On the other hand, in stones of more than 60 mm. there is a percentage of up to 10% of stones that break when classifying, washing, loading and unloading the stones, today we do not have machinery that prevents these breaks.

The photos that you can see on the left in which you can only see stones are made from real big bags, no broken pieces have been removed.

Size: 60-80 mm.
Container: Big bag 1.000 kg.