Cream White Gravel

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Cream white gravel for decoration of gardens, aquariums and landscaping and architecture projects.

Design your own garden and decorate it with creamy white gravel, a soft colored gravel that integrates very well into any type of project, whether it is a classic garden or a modern villa, the yellow Travertine gravel is a wild card.

Buy White Gravel

Buy our gravel right here, we'll take it home, the transport will leave the pallet at your door, we have various types of packaging, 20 kg bags. and big bags of 500 and 1,000 kg.

The placement of the gravel is very simple, simply clean the area you want to decorate and spread the gravel evenly. If it is a road or path you can use our gravel stabilizer that makes it more like the passage for pedestrians, bicycles and wheelchairs.

Size: 8-16 mm.
Container: Big bag 1.000 kg.