Low Table Ibiza Exterior

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The low table Ibiza is the final detail that your customers need to complete any exterior space. This center table, in perfect harmony with the sofa and the Ibiza armchair, achieves an elegant and unified exterior set. Its contemporary design and rounded shapes, inspired by the Mediterranean essence, instill a luxury air to any terrace or garden, which makes it highly sellable.

Made in polyethylene, this table stands out for its lightness and resistance. Its durability, resistance to extreme temperatures and UV rays guarantee an exceptionally long shelf life, ensuring a return on investment for your customers. In addition, the ease of cleanliness and its unbreakable characteristic convert the Ibiza table into a practical and low maintenance option, increasing its commercial attraction.


  • Elegant and modern center table.
  • Made of resistant, light and durable polyethylene.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures and protected against UV rays.
  • Easy to clean and unbreakable.
  • Design with rounded shapes inspired by Mediterranean essence.
  • Part of the "Ibiza" range that includes a sofa, an armchair and a lock, all in white.

Recommended use:

The perfect choice for terraces, gardens and any exterior space in need of an impulse of style and functionality. The Ibiza Table, with its unmatched design, is the perfect final addition for outdoor spaces, offering style, comfort and practicality, with great potential for sale and profitability for your customers.