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Bolli illuminates your outdoor spaces with a distinguished presence and captivating light. The spherical perfection of this lamp, available in various sizes and finishes, brings timeless elegance to any garden setting, while its soft light enhances the beauty of the surroundings, creating an atmosphere that is both glamorous and festive, especially under the cover of night. .

Opt for the FLOATING version and allow Bolli to become a charming floating detail in your pool or pond, without the hassle of cables, gently illuminating the waters for more than 6 hours thanks to its long-lasting lithium battery. In addition, immerse yourself in a chromatic spectacle with its RGB LED system, which offers you a wide palette of colors to choose from and change according to your mood or event.

Manufactured with meticulous attention to detail using polyethylene, Bolli products are not only lightweight, but are also remarkably resistant to inclement weather and extreme temperatures. Additionally, they are designed to resist UV rays, ensuring an exceptionally long lifespan and maintaining their pristine aesthetics throughout the seasons.

For our B2B customers, Bolli not only represents an economical option, but also an investment in a reliable and high-quality product that, with its charming design and impeccable functionality, will enhance the beauty and attractiveness of any outdoor space, ensuring the customer satisfaction and durability your business can rely on.

Dimensions: Ø20 cm.
Finish: Essential
Lightning: Cold light with cable