boulder hawaii

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In less than 6 months our Hawaiian gravel became a true Top Seller, now we have rounded off this precious mixture to create the Hawaiian pebble.

A mixture of white, bluish gray and pink in a very studied proportion that results in an aesthetically spectacular gravel without looking like an artificial mixture.

It brings a lot of light and color to your garden or decoration project and an immediate wow effect on your guests. It fits perfectly in both a contemporary and rustic project.

Garden pebble from the Mixcolor range

A very original touch to your garden, a boulder that will not go unnoticed, if you are looking for a boulder that does not stand out, choose another model. We ship to your doorstep, you can place it yourself or find a professional, no special skills are necessary, it's very simple, we have 1,000 kg containers.

The installation is very simple, just clean the area you want to decorate and spread the stone evenly.

Size: 6-12 mm.
Container: Big bag 1.000 kg