Chamotte boulder

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Chamotte boulder, a 100% recycled product, original and perfect for decorating plant and tree areas as it maintains humidity and protects the soil and plants from excess heat.

Its intense orange color when wet and soft color when dry will make your plants stand out even more, it is a new product launched at the end of 2020.

Advantages of Chamota boulder for your plants

  • Retains soil moisture up to 5 times longer than normal gravel.
  • Striking orange color that, in addition to helping your plants, decorates them and gives them a very special touch
  • If you use it as drainage they prevent the roots from rotting.
  • Protects plants from cold and direct rain on the ground.
  • Recycled decorative stone

    Made from 100% recycled brick rubble, a material that would have ended up buried in a landfill, with its use you contribute to giving it a new use and help the environment.

    Size: 6-12 mm.
    Container: Big bag 1.000 kg.