Red Premium Pebbles

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Red marble boulder, it is a red stone with white veins, it fits perfectly both in modern gardens and in more classic and rustic projects.

Its placement is very simple, just place an anti-weed mesh and throw the stone over it, it is a very long-lasting color so it can fit perfectly in areas of trees and plants since the leaves go more unnoticed than by example with a white stone.

Difference from Premium?

Our rounding is done wet so the stone is semi-polished and the pore is very closed, this will avoid possible verdigris and accumulated dirt.

Unlike other red rounded pebbles, the Premium stands out for being 20% ​​rounder and when wet it obtains a semi-polished finish that makes the color tone more intense, on a scale from 1 to 10 , the premium red boulder has 2 more shades of color than the standard red boulder.

Why buy Premium red boulder?

When we build our garden, every euro counts, of course, but the investment is for several years, forever if you don't get bored, it is worth spending a little more, the difference in your garden is striking and the price difference is not it is so important if we take into account the durability of the product.

Size: 6-12 mm.
Container: Big bag 1.000 kg.