Sofa Ibiza Exteriors

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It enhances the offer of your exterior spaces with the Tres Plazas Ibiza, a safe investment to boost your sales and increase your profitability. This sofa, synonymous with luxury and modern style, has been designed with a concentrated approach, which makes it irresistible for your customers. Its polished and rounded shapes reflect the Mediterranean essence, providing a sophisticated and comfortable seat, perfect to enjoy the sun.

Like all the products of the "Ibiza" line, the sofa is manufactured with resistant polyethylene, giving rise to an extremely light and resistant product to extreme temperatures. Its protection against UV rays guarantees a prolonged useful life, maintaining its aesthetics and functionality for many years, which translates into a guaranteed investment return.

Whether your customers seek to improve a garden, a terrace or any other outdoor space, the Ibiza sofa is the perfect choice. Its sophisticated design and the reliability of the Newgarden seal make this sofa a high -rotation product, ideal for high quality exterior spaces.


- Sofa of three luxurious and comfortable seats.
- Manufactured in resistant, light and durable polyethylene.
- Resistant to extreme temperatures and protected against UV rays.
- Modern and elegant design with rounded shapes inspired by the Mediterranean essence.
- Part of the "Ibiza" line that includes a lock, an armchair and a low table, all in white.

** Recommended use: **

Ideal for terraces, gardens, and any exterior space that needs an improvement in style, luxury and comfort. The three -seater Ibiza sofa is the perfect solution for your clients that seek to provide a touch of elegance and comfort to their outdoor spaces, guaranteeing a return and fast investment return.