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In short, the user is solely responsible for the use made of the services, contents and links included in this website.

Cookies Policy

Use of cookies on the web

In compliance with Law 34/2002, of July 11, of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce we inform you of the use of cookies in the websites and applications of "VELESTONE", in order to facilitate and improve the navigation to the users, remembering where they sailed on the website, the preferences and settings of visualization, and offering to each user information that can be of their interest.

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded on your computer or the device you use (Smartphone, tablet, connected television ....) when accessing certain web pages or applications. Cookies allow, among other things, to collect statistical information, to provide certain technical functionalities, to store and retrieve information about the browsing habits or preferences of a user or his team and, depending on the information they contain and the way in which they use their equipment, they can be used to recognize the user. A cookie is stored on a computer in order to identify the browser while interacting with our websites or applications. A website can set a cookie in the browser if the browser's preferences allow it. A browser only allows a website to access the cookies it sets, not those set by other websites.

Why are cookies important?

"VELESTONE" uses these cookies for operational reasons (e.g., session cookies), and for ease of use, to make web browsing easier and more friendly, for example, to remember aspects of the user such as their language, country, browser, etc. .. Certain cookies are essential for you to use our services.

Types of cookies

-Technical Cookies: to help improve the quality of our service, including storing user preferences, search results, as well as tracking user trends.

-Statistical cookies: collect information about the visit date, the URL and the title of the website visited. The reports generated with this information will be merely statistical giving information about the browsing behavior anonymously.

-Session cookies: Save user type information, saving the user's nick to avoid introducing it to page, also saving encrypted information and information about the user's favorites.

-Analytical Cookies: they are used to track the search engine from which the web was visited and which search terms were used to find it, calculate the time spent on the web in each session and the number of times the user visited the page.

The following cookies are used on this website:

-Cookies Own





PrestaShop-3b55d9506d9751bae29eed6a1574e844, PrestaShop-52698bcff84c7dbdf4ab02f38f91b537

These cookies are essential for the operation of the website.



A cookie set by the CloudFlare service to identify trusted web traffic.

-Third-party cookies





__ga, __gali, __gat; __gid

Google Analytics. Statistical reports on how users find the website and how they use it: pages visited, time of stay, type of browser ... More information

Cookie Types by Expiration Date

The cookies used in 'Velestone' are persistent, meaning they are permanently installed in your browser and activated every time you visit the website, provided that their use is not disabled.

Cookies settings

To learn how to configure cookie management in a browser, you can view the following links for the main browsers and devices:

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Accept cookies

When you first visit this website or application, you will see a window where you can understand the usage of cookies and view this' cookie policy '. If you agree to use cookies and continue browsing or clicking on any link, it means that you have agreed to our cookies policy to install them on your computer or device.

If you are willing, you can change the cookie settings at any time, configure the browser to accept or not accept the cookies you receive, or have the browser notify you when the server wants to save the cookies. We inform you that if you block or do not accept the installation of cookies, certain services may not be available, or you may not be able to access certain services, or fully utilize everything our website and applications provide for you.

Thank you for agreeing to accept cookies, which will help us obtain more accurate data and enable us to improve the content and design of our website and applications to suit your preferences.

Recruitment conditions

1) Legal conditions for purchasing in Velestone

These legal recruitment conditions regulate the use of online stores on the website www.vetonek.com, and you are legally responsible for this Concrete Vicente, S.L.From now on, Villestone

2) Applicable regulations.

This electronic contract is signed in accordance with Spanish law, particularly in accordance with the legal system implemented by Law No. 34/2002 on the Information Society and Electronic Commerce Services and General Law No. 03/2014 on the Protection of Consumers and Users.

Electronic contracts will not be archived by third parties, and the language used to complete the contract is Spanish. These general terms can be saved and copied by users who purchase through internet browser options at any time and must be accepted before paying the order.

3) Procurement process.

buy Villestone This is very simple, you only need to follow the following steps:

one Select the product you want to purchase from the products provided VillestoneIn the product description, you will have all necessary information. If you need to know more, please don't hesitate to ask us.

second After selecting the product you want to purchase, you must click the "Add to Cart" button to add the product to your shopping cart. If you are willing, you can continue to add more products to the shopping cart or make a direct payment.

third After the product selection is completed, a summary will appear to determine the selected project. Finally, to continue your order, you must press the 'Place Order' button.

fourth At the end of your purchase, you can choose to complete it through registration or make a quick purchase without registration (as a guest user). When registering, you must enter your contact information and address, and you do not need to enter your detailed information again during the next purchase.

fifth Finally, you must start from the Villestone (See paragraph 4).

sixth After the ordering process is completed, Villestone He will send you an email detailing the data. If you have not received this email within 24 hours, or if you find any errors in the input data, please contact us through any of the following methods:

Call 948 844 068
Notify in the "Contacts" section of this website
Write email address info@velestone.com

VillestonePlease inform us that you have a claim form at the mailing address listed in the legal notice on this website.

4) Payment method.

Vitonek It has various payment methods to facilitate your purchase:

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit or debit card
  • PayPal

Then, we specified the conditions for each payment method.


  • Bank transfer

Villestone It provides you with the possibility of paying your order through transfer to our bank account:

Navara Rural Bank - IBAN: ES04 3008 0088 1407 0358 0324

If you choose this payment option, the data required to perform the bank transfer will be displayed on the screen after your order is completed. In addition, we will also send you an email containing the order amount, the concepts you must explain, and the account number. It is important to use your order reference as a concept during the transfer process, as defined by Villestone In the email, to expedite the invoicing and sending of orders.

Considering the transportation time, the transfer may take up to 48 hours to take effect. Once confirmed, payment will be processed through invoice, packaging, and order sending. If you want to expedite this process, you can send us an email with supporting documents info@velestone.com.


  • Credit or debit card

Payment through credit or debit cards is made through the secure payment gateway of Caja Rural Navarra Bank. Through this payment method, Villestone He never collects or processes any customer data related to his card number. All data is directly processed by Caja Rural Navarra Bank, therefore Villestone It always provides maximum security, transparency, and confidentiality in transactions.

The cards currently supported by the payment gateway are Visa, Mastercard, and Maestro, Except for those belonging to the internet 4B, Red 6000 and ServiceIf you have any questions, please contact us and we will assist you in clarifying any issues.


  • PayPal

Use your PayPal account for payment. Through this payment method, Villestone He never collects or processes any bank data. All data is directly processed by PayPal, therefore Villestone It always provides maximum transparency, security, and confidentiality in transactions.

5) Taxes, fees, and duties.

The PVP of the item includes value-added tax.

6) Price policy.

The price is expressed in euros and is valid unless there is a printing error. If there is an obvious pricing error in the product introduction, the price set for the product in the email we provided to you upon discovering the error shall prevail.