Gravel White Pink

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If you like white garden gravel but you are a bit bored of seeing the same gravel or you want something more original, this may be the garden gravel you are looking for.

It is a novelty, white marble gravel but with a very nice pinkish touch, it is like white marble gravel with its glitter pints included but with a pink air that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Pink white gravel is a product rarely seen until now since it has only been on the market for a short time.

Little porous gravel

It is a stone with medium low porosity, so dirt does not easily encrust itself, and as it is a two-tone stone, possible stains go much more unnoticed than in pure white gravel.

Gravel for stabilizers

It is perfect for filling honeycomb-type gravel stabilizers, due to its size, hardness and because it is more "suffering" than white marble.

Size: 6-14 mm.
Container: Big bag 1.000 kg