Bonsai Volcanic Substrate (Akadama substitute)

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Fine volcanic gravel

The best substrate for bonsai and cacti

Available in 2 granulometries, 1-2 mm. and 2-4 mm.

It has a stabilized pH between 5.5 and 6, which makes it an excellent support for cultivation.

Akadama Substitute and Enhancer

Greater contribution of minerals

We have always read that Akadama is the best substrate for bonsai, bonsai began to be cultivated in Japan and Akadama is a Japanese volcanic substrate that was used from the beginning, and therefore it has always been believed to be better , it is not like that, it is simply the substrate that was used in the beginning, but its mineral content is much lower than the mineral content of volcanic lava gravel.

Akadama and volcanic lava gravel are both of volcanic origin, both are light and porous, they maintain humidity, perfect for bonsai and cacti, but in favor of volcanic gravel we can say that it provides a greater amount of minerals, 27% more silicon, 12% calcium, 10% more magnesium and 3% more iron.

Volcanic gravel is better than Akadama

The volcanic gravel substrate decomposes little by little with the irrigation water and this decomposition provides minerals to the bonsai, essential micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, iron and silica, therefore your bonsai will be "better fed" and in a way more complete than using akadama.

Color for your bonsais

Red/brown/garnet in color further enhances the beauty of bonsai.

Size: 1-2 mm.
Container: Big bag 1.000 litros