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We are excited to present our exclusive line of low weight products, meticulously designed with the purpose of optimizing your container shipments to the maximum.

In Velestone, we understand the unique challenges facing businesses today. We know that every cubic centimeter in a container is valuable and each gram counts when calculating the transport costs. Therefore, we have created a selection of high quality but light products that will allow you to "fill" your containers and make the most of your transport expenses.

Our new collection includes a variety of elegant and functional products, all made with the Vestone Excellence standard. Although these products are light, we do not spare in their quality. Each article is resistant, durable and designed to meet the demands of the current consumer.

Whether you are looking to fill a small space in your next shipment or just want to diversify your inventory with low weight products, the new vestone B2B collection is the perfect solution for you.

With our new collection, your business can optimize shipments, save transport costs and, at the same time, provide your customers with high quality products that you will surely love.

Discover today our new B2B collection at Make each shipment and maximize your benefits with vestone. We hope to work with you to grow and prosper your business!


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Ibiza SunloungerIbiza Sunlounger
Ibiza Sunlounger Offer priceR 5,443.00
Sofa Ibiza ExteriorsSofa Ibiza Exteriors
Sofa Ibiza Exteriors Offer priceR 13,942.00
Ibiza armchairIbiza armchair
Ibiza armchair Offer priceR 5,767.00
Low Table Ibiza ExteriorLow Table Ibiza Exterior
Low Table Ibiza Exterior Offer priceR 4,351.00