Ceramica artesanal Española

Spanish Handcrafted Ceramics

We present our "Spanish Handcrafted Ceramics" collection, a tribute to natural beauty and local craftsmanship. These products, created by hand with care and dedication, bring a touch of rustic elegance and sophistication to any garden or indoor space.

Our products, which include pots, jars, bonsai dishes, and many other unique pieces, are made from local clays, baked at a temperature of 985 °C. This process mimics traditional wood-fired baking, producing sturdy and durable pieces. Additionally, each product is coated with a waterproofing layer to prevent premature aging and ensure its longevity.

Within the "Spanish Handcrafted Ceramics" collection, we highlight our Terrablanca pieces. This high-temperature baked clay features a rustic finish, suitable for exteriors and resistant to sub-zero temperatures. We also have basic and decorated glazed ceramics. Our high-temperature ceramic glazes provide exceptional shine and resistance for both indoor and outdoor use.

Additionally, we present our Home and Collection lines, focused on luxury interior decoration. These include planters, vases, and special formats, all made with our exclusive terracotta. The beauty of these pieces lies in their unique character, capable of elevating any space, whether indoors or outdoors.

Finally, our collection is completed with a selection of lighting products. Wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps, all handmade and with exclusive designs that can only be obtained through the mastery of ceramics.

With our "Spanish Handcrafted Ceramics" collection, you will be able to offer your customers products with added value, highlighting the quality, tradition and exclusivity of handmade ceramics. This will boost your sales and consolidate your position in the market as a provider of unique, high-quality pieces. Join us in celebrating the beauty and tradition of Spanish ceramics!


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